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Pests within the Home


Rodents, such as rats and mice, have the ability to chew through various materials, such as wire, wood, concrete, plastic, and mild steel. To prevent rodents from causing significant damage to your property, it is best to call our pest control services.

We understand that having rats or mice in your home can be a phobia-inducing experience for some people. However, do not be alarmed as these creatures do not harm humans. You can rely on our expertise to remove them from your property.

If you see one rat or mouse in your home or business, it is likely that there are more. Rats can reproduce quickly, spread diseases, and cause damage to your property. Act fast to prevent further damage.

There are various ways to tell if you have rats in your home or business. For example, you may find dark brown droppings that are the size of a grain of rice. Additionally, rats' teeth never stop growing, so you may notice bite marks on objects, such as wood and concrete. You may also hear them moving around in walls or under floorboards, or find footprints in the floor if you sprinkle some flour as a test.

Mice can pose a health risk and cause damage to your property, even if it is just a small infestation. We recommend that you seek professional pest control services to handle the problem. DIY methods are not recommended and can actually worsen the situation.

Insect pests can also be a problem in domestic and commercial properties. They range from being a mild nuisance to causing significant damage to structures and products, as well as transmitting diseases. Some common household and food pest insect species include flies, bluebottles, fungus flies, drain flies or owl midges, fruit flies, common house flies, and lesser house flies. Drone flies, mosquitoes, and blood-sucking midges are also known pests. Moths, such as flour moths, warehouse moths, meal moths, and fabric moths, can also infest and damage food and fabrics in households. Detection of these pests is not always immediate, and infestations are often found under furniture or clothing that has been left undisturbed for an extended period. Our pest control technicians can help to effectively treat and eliminate these pests.

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